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Management Philosophy


Allied Sundar is your trustworthy partner for mechanical parts & assemblies on OEM basis. We provide customers OEM services in mechanical components from prototype, tooling, to mass production.


  • Established: 1985

  • Headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan

  • Quality System : ISO 9001 or IATF 16949

  • Applications for industries: Semiconductor, Construction, Agriculture, Transportation and many more.

  • Markets: Mainly in USA, Europe (Germany), Japan and others.  


Major Products

  1. Mechanical Parts

    • CNC machining part – Includes CNC machining part, forging & machining, casting & machining

    • Casting part

    • Forging part

    • Other metal parts, if it is required.

  2. Assemblies – Such as, chair control mechanisms, vacuum cleaners, pedal assembly, door locks and others


Our Core Values:

  1. One stop shop

       Besides our invested manufacturing facilities, we can integrate our qualified suppliers in various processes         for customers’ requirements on new product development.

  2. Engineering support

      Design review & DFM (Design for Manufacturing) then offer an optimized proposal

  3. Supply chain management to ensure competitive cost, good quality, on time delivery and problem solving.

Sustainable Philosophy

We understand that rapid advances in technology and industry have improved human lives, but as people enjoy these conveniences they ignore the resulting massive depletion of natural resource and environmental pollution, so we have committed to provide innovative, clean, and energy-saving products & solutions to create a better tomorrow.


We always highly respect our customers' needs and satisfaction, a responsible and professional team corresponds to each stage of operation in those past years has made Allied Sundar be a reliable partner.

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