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Design Review

  • Material / Heat Treatment / Surface Finishing

  • Notes / Key Characteristics

Manufacturing Process Analysis

Feasibility Study

  • Cost

  • Capability
    Experience / Knowledge / Equipment –
    Mfg., Insp., Testing

  • Manufacturing Site Selection
    Taiwan / Southeast Asia


Layout Inspection

Out-Going Inspection


Corrective Action Report

Quality Control Plan

SPC / Cpk / FMEA

In-Process Inspection


The quality management system is being implemented in our group to make sure our products and services to meet our customers requirement.

  • Quality system: Manufacturing sites in our group are ISO 9001 or IATF 16949 certified, which are continuously maintained within following area:

        - Implementation

        - Management and staff responsibility

        - Resource management

        - Product (or service) realization

        - Measurement, analysis, and improvement

Our goal is to pursue Total Quality Management to meet our customers’ needs and company’s sustainability.

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